Know any good butchers?

You know, I’m starting to not mind 2006. Purely in selfish painter terms of course.
Despite the fact that our glorious leaders are priming their respective populations for the next military caravan of doom (Iran). Did you know that Iran has been planning for a long time to move their trading in oil away from the US dollar to another currency? If other countries that are equally as sympathetic to the American cause follow suit it could undermine the whole US economy. The anti-proliferation argument is basically the equivalent to the WMD excuse previously wheeled out – it’s the same old oil, power and money routine.
Despite the fact that there are moves afoot with some American employers to install radio chips in certain employees – and we are the fifty-first state of course, so it’s only a matter of time before they start shoving digital surveillance up UK resident’s arses.
Despite the fact that we’re getting the ludicrously justified identity cards (they’ll fight the insidious war on terror on our behalf apparently).
Despite the fact that the environment is totally up the bloody spout; glaciers are disappearing, along with our previously obviously apparent different seasons. Don’t worry, be happy. Turn on the telly and watch the winter Olympics (before the climatic differences between them and the summer games totally evaporate).
Despite the fact that when I now walk from my local shop with a packet of fags in one hand and a bag of sugar in the other I feel like I’m smuggling illicit drugs into the house.
Anyway, like I said, in selfish mode. I’ve managed to get more paintings completed so far this year than I did in the entirety of 2005. I’ve also had an extremely positive response to the latest piece ‘The Madness of King George’ and now I feel fired up to start something new. I don’t expect to be giving up the day job any moment shortly, but it’s good to at least feel positive about my painting. The ‘screaming head’ video work I did for North Sea Navigator at the Cube in Bristol went down an absolute treat; the band are still talking to me – which is a bonus. Also Naïve John of the Stuckists is encouraging about getting some kind of contribution from me for their Symposium later in the year in Liverpool – I’m looking forward to that.
I’ve got plans to do some paintings of meat. Butchery, carcasses, that sort of thing… best annoy some local butchers I suppose (in a nice way of course).
Yeah, 2006’s looking alright at the moment. Someone’s bound to balls it all up. The smart money’s on Bush/Blair.


“The madness of King George”


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