work chronology

thumb“exequie drawings for the anachronistic” (2023)
thumb“Broken, not broken” (2023)
thumb“Undertow (i-v)” (2023)
thumb-1“Wednesday’s child” (2022-23)
thumb“Six paintings for the Butlerian Jihad” (2022)
thumb“Pharmaceutical Bestiary redux” (2022)
image-1“Small Drawings for Big Hearts” (2022)
thumb“Yesterday’s Fire” (2022)
thumbSome oil paintings from 2022 (2022)
thumb“Machines of Loving Grace?” (Paris, 2020)
thumb“Dystopia” (London, UK 2019)
th“20th century icons for 21st century heretics”  (2019)
th“The Fantasy and philosophy of dead self-portraits” (2019)
broken working formalised“Broken (working formalised)” (2018)
112“112, La Feuillee” (La Feuillee, France 2018)
do as youre told“Do as you’re told (Model Citizen)” (2018)
mausaMAUSA Vauban, Neuf-Brisach (Neuf-Brisach, France 2018)
mai68“Mai 68” (Paris, France 2018)
imaginary self portraits“Your Imaginary Self-Portraits” (2018)
eyes wide closed“Eyes Wide Closed” (Imola, Italy February 2018)
year of discontent“Another year of discontent” (2017)
blue skies“Blue Skies” (London, UK October 2017)
ben oakleyBen Oakley Gallery (London, UK December 2016)
disasters“The Disasters of War” (Madrid, Spain 2016)
labri“L’abri Sadi Carnot” (Brest, France September 2015)
'les fleurs du mal' - 5, conte and pastel on paper, 22 x 22 cm“Les Fleurs de Mal” (Chatealin, France and London, UK 2015)
william“William saw angels” (2015)
paradis est ici“le Paradis est ici” (Paris, France December 2015)
tour 13Tour 13 project (Paris, France April 2013)
paradiso“Paradiso” (London, UK October 2012)
prostitutes“We are all prostitutes” (London, UK February 2012)
arab spring“الربيع الديمقراطي (Arab Spring)” (2011 – 2012)
occupy“Occupy” (2011 – 2012)
madman“Twenty four hours in the life of a madman” (2011)
purgatorio“Purgatorio” (New York, USA September 2011)
inferno“Inferno” (Bologna, Italy May 2011)
behemoth“Behemoth” (London, UK September 2010)
celebrity“Celebrity Will Eat Itself” (Hollywood, USA August 2009)
ad“Ad Nauseam” (London, UK March 2009)
thumb“The Pharmaceutical Bestiary” (London, UK November 2008)
red propRed Propeller Gallery (Kingsbridge, UK 2007)
madmen“Madmen and English Dogs” (2007)
hand of man“The hand of man” (2007)
thumb“Drawing on newspaper” (since 1980)