MAUSA Vauban, Neuf-Brisach

Painting on seventeenth century walls…
I was invited by MAUSA (Musée des Arts Urbains et du Street Art) to mural a room in an old military fort in eastern France.
A section of this UNESCO World Heritage Site has been taken over by MAUSA as the second of its museum spaces dedicated to Urban and Street Art. I worked in a building that was the fortified defence system surrounding the town of Neuf-Brisach. The defences construction was started in 1698 and designed in a star formation of heavy stone and earthworks around the town that was constructed on a grid system.
Apparently, when the construction was complete there was no longer a military use for it. Another shining example of the folly of militarism; we don’t seem to have progressed much three centuries on.


QR code downloadable audio track for the room:

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