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A Monument to Avarice
Exhibition set – “A month of discontent (April)”
Exhibition set – “A month of discontent (March)”
Because we were angels (new drawings)
Exhibition set – “A month of discontent (February)”
Exhibition set – “A month of discontent (January)”
Exhibition set – “William saw angels”
Talk given at Hartlepool Art Gallery – Art and Politics.
Exhibition set – “Madmen and English Dogs”
Exhibition set – “The hand of man”
Exhibition set – “The Disasters of War”
Exhibition set – “L’abri Sadi Carnot”
Online art
Me and street art
A New York gallery offer
Exhibition set – Ben Oakley Gallery (December 2016)
The Politics of Painting
Just because you say it doesn’t make it so.
Why did you paint/draw that?
To be continued part 1
Coincidence and synchronicity
Exhibition set – “le Paradis est ici”
The party is over
Art, money and “Dear Mr Denning”s…
A man with a plan
Duchampian rose among thorns
Exhibition set – “الربيع الديمقراطي (Arab Spring)”
Exhibition set – Tour 13
Exhibition set – “Twenty four hours in the life of a madman”
London riots
Exhibition set – “Paradiso”
Exhibition set – “Occupy”
Exhibition set – “Purgatorio”
New York and Purgatorio paintings
New work and methods
Exhibition set – “Inferno”
Venial sin
How painting works (2)
Student questions
Stolen goods
Starting the Comedy
Behemoth exhibition catalogue introduction  by Jonathan Jones
Exhibition set – “Behemoth”
Behemoth show
New York apology
Brooklynite gallery show
The philosopher-kings
Diet of worms
I might be wrong
Not angry
If the work is too easy
Four, one, five, two, three
Affectation, affectation
Viewing and meaning
Exhibition set – “Celebrity Will Eat Itself”
The beautiful people
Exhibition set – “Ad Nauseam”
Masters of my world
How painting works
Cans festival
The hours are worse
Keep looking
What a year
A question for students
Exhibition set – Red Propeller Gallery (2007 – 2008)
En France
Everything at once
Watching you, watching us
The joy of paint
Gilbert and George online
Learning from Euan Uglow
The death of ideology
Statement 2
Ten years later
Bad painting
Six degrees of separation
France – we’re coming!
Catching up on the news
Questions I get asked…
Is art fit for purpose?
Envy’s a terrible thing
Brian Haw
Know any good butchers?
Self-pitying whinge
Roman holiday
Hats off to the Arnolfini
Turner Prize 2005
‘Against the disease of writing.’
A waste of (white) space
Television is fantastic
Honest work
A funny thing happened…
Copy shop art
Make a difference – make a mess
Scapegoat for an atrocity
Waiting for a gap in the traffic…
April 25 2000
Statement 1
It’s work
Giving up Art
Turner on – tune in and drop out
The neo-modern
The democratisation of art
Surrealism and the feminine
The celebration of difference