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A Monument to Avarice
Exhibition set – “A month of discontent (April)”
Exhibition set – “A month of discontent (March)”
Because we were angels (new drawings)
Exhibition set – “A month of discontent (February)”
Exhibition set – “A month of discontent (January)”
Exhibition set – Tour 13
Exhibition set – “William saw angels”
Exhibition set – Red Propeller Gallery (2007 – 2008)
Exhibition set – “Purgatorio”
Talk given at Hartlepool Art Gallery – Art and Politics.
Exhibition set – “Paradiso”
Exhibition set – “Twenty four hours in the life of a madman”
Exhibition set – “Inferno”
Exhibition set – “le Paradis est ici”
Exhibition set – “Celebrity Will Eat Itself”
Exhibition set – “Occupy”
Exhibition set – “Madmen and English Dogs”
Exhibition set – “الربيع الديمقراطي (Arab Spring)”
Exhibition set – “Ad Nauseam”
Exhibition set – “The hand of man”
Exhibition set – “Behemoth”
Exhibition set – “The Disasters of War”
Exhibition set – “L’abri Sadi Carnot”
Online art
Me and street art
A New York gallery offer
Exhibition set – Ben Oakley Gallery (December 2016)
The Politics of Painting
Just because you say it doesn’t make it so.
Why did you paint/draw that?
To be continued part 1
Coincidence and synchronicity
The party is over
Art, money and “Dear Mr Denning”s…
A man with a plan
Duchampian rose among thorns
London riots
New York and Purgatorio paintings
New work and methods
Venial sin
How painting works (2)
Student questions
Stolen goods
Starting the Comedy
Behemoth exhibition catalogue introduction  by Jonathan Jones
Behemoth show
New York apology
Brooklynite gallery show
The philosopher-kings
Diet of worms
I might be wrong
Not angry
If the work is too easy
Four, one, five, two, three
Affectation, affectation
Viewing and meaning
The beautiful people
Masters of my world
How painting works
Cans festival
The hours are worse
Keep looking
What a year
A question for students
En France
Everything at once
Watching you, watching us
The joy of paint
Gilbert and George online
Learning from Euan Uglow
The death of ideology
Statement 2
Ten years later
Bad painting
Six degrees of separation
France – we’re coming!
Catching up on the news
Questions I get asked…
Is art fit for purpose?
Envy’s a terrible thing
Brian Haw
Know any good butchers?
Self-pitying whinge
Roman holiday
Hats off to the Arnolfini
Turner Prize 2005
‘Against the disease of writing.’
A waste of (white) space
Television is fantastic
Honest work
A funny thing happened…
Copy shop art
Make a difference – make a mess
Scapegoat for an atrocity
Waiting for a gap in the traffic…
April 25 2000
Statement 1
It’s work
Giving up Art
Turner on – tune in and drop out
The neo-modern
The democratisation of art
Surrealism and the feminine
The celebration of difference