We need a wall of noise.

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity of making this mural. I have always expressed my political opinions through my work. This wall was the perfect opportunity for me to give my politics and art a more relevant focus.
This wall, and the conversations with the people here while I was painting, have led me to make the decision that all my street art in the future must be about the climate crisis we all face.
Our cumulative impact on the planet is now a serious threat to our future existence. In just my lifetime the global population has more than doubled. In the same time industrial activity has doubled the output of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The rate of the global temperature rise has also doubled. All of this in just my lifetime. Ironically, one month after I was born in 1965, the American president was warned by scientific advisors of exactly the situation we face now. And yet, fifty years later, this grave problem has not been seriously challenged.
We are now at the end of the time in which we can stop this catastrophic crisis. Fortunately, at the COP 21 Paris climate conference some small progress was made. Also many European governments are beginning to take action. However, the choices that need to be made for our long term survival are not popular for short term political gain.
We must all go much, much further.
We are living way beyond the capacity of the planet we live on to sustain us. Many of us already know this and we must take personal responsibility for the disaster that is gradually unfolding. I am not a politician, I am not an engineer and I am not a scientist so I cannot make change at a state level. I am an ordinary citizen of the world and I am a parent and grandparent so I have an obligation to make what difference I can. I do not eat meat, I do not travel by air, I grow as much vegetables as I can myself and try to buy other food only produced in France or neighbouring countries. My work gives me another opportunity – to spread this message. And I hope people will see and hear it.
This is the change that we can all make. And this is the change that will allow you, in the future, to look your children, and grandchildren in the eye, and say that you did what you could.

3661 bellevue brest wall finished 1
One planet, one choice. It’s our childrens’s future

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6 thoughts on “We need a wall of noise.

  1. Continually blown away by your skills, both in your work and your words. True living master.

    A question for you though. Aren’t human-centric artworks an inward looking extention and re-enforcement of the problems inflicted on the natural world by human-centric thinking ?

    I don’t know whether the best force for change would be to highlight the problems, or if it’s better to bathe people in real and imagined solutions. Another hero of mine, Buckminster Fuller said:

    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

    Your writings about your personal changes in lifestyle echo the great man as only a fellow great man can. Bravo to you and thank you for running into battle and shouting in the vanguard !


    1. I’m not a master and I’m not a great man. I’m just as flawed as the rest. That’s why I’m trying to do better. Human-centric artworks speak to the ego of our human-centric idea of the world. Perhaps I can use that prejudice to challenge the flawed idea itself. I’ve got to do something.


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