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There isn’t much an artist can do except add to the shouts for change. The fossil fuel industry is still leading the charge for the impending destruction of our living environment. Added to this, industrialised farming is carving through carbon-capturing forests so that they can produce meat, where a plant-based diet would ensure a more responsible usage of the resources available for all the people of the planet. And our governments continue to prevaricate and procrastinate while the planet warms.
I have been writing on the street since the 1980s and the respectable and responsible model citizens among us have declared it ‘vandalism’…
Well the real act of vandalism is being inflicted on the planet; our living environment. It’s being done in the name of the ‘free market’ as this, we are continually being told, is the most efficient way for us to live.
Well, enough is enough. The free market has failed us. We need a new model and the execution of that change can only be made at governmental level. We are told we need to recycle plastics more – but nobody legislates against excessive packaging to stop the problem at source. We are told we need to take fewer car journeys – but nobody legislates for free public transport for all. We are told to save energy – but nobody legislates for free programmes of domestic insulation and green power production.
We are told we need to build a green economy but nobody legislates the free, or even  affordable, tools to do so.
Big business continues to financially clean up, while it ecologically vandalises.
So, as a model citizen, within a free market, I give you free posters. To print and paste where you will and to add to the demands for change. Before it’s too late.
Society gets the vandals it deserves.

paste-up-bristol.jpg stencil mono paste up south wales stencil green protest banner

Click on the link below for the zip file and you can save all four to your computer.
all four posters (zip file) 5.02MB


carrion grey

“We are your future” A4 download
(zip file stencils and posters)
to print and paste as you see fit.





climate action weapons bw

“C.A.W. (Climate Action Weapons)” stencil download
(zip file stencils and posters)
to print out, stick to card, cut out and stencil away the day.





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