Some oil paintings from 2022

In 2020, much like the rest of the working world, gallery and artist land got hit by Covid-19 too. From the pandemic’s onset and progress into the following year I had three shows opening that more or less coincided with government lockdowns – that was excellent for a quiet contemplative gallery space but not so good for the gallerists expecting to sell some work. I also had a major exhibition of drawings cancelled that hopefully is being rescheduled for later this year.
So there was nothing to do but work from home… no change for me then. However it did focus my mind back to painting which I’d not done much of for several years. I started by pulling out a lot of older work from storage (the cupboard room of doom in the back of the studio) that lay unfinished because other work priorities had been demanded by various galleries. And once I started I dropped back into it quite contendedly.
None of this work has been exhibited as yet – but the advantage of the internet is that we can kind of do that now. There was a plan for a summer show of some of the smaller paintings here, but that has also been delayed by circumstances beyond the control of all involved – so here’s what I’ve been doing. All of these paintings were finished in 2022.

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