“The Disasters of War”

Frustrated with the mainstream television news mainly focusing on young men in their coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis I instead found more balanced coverage with a variety of internet sources. I took video captures of the refugees and instead focused on the children, women and elderly; these individuals were the source material for many of these drawings. As I was building this collection of drawings I was also preparing for an exhibition at La Neomudejar de Atocha in Madrid and I made a connection to the work of one of my favourite artists (Goya) with the working title of “The Disasters of War”.
These drawings were exhibited partly in Madrid and partly at Brugier Rigail in Paris early 2016. Some have also been pasted up in streets (Liverpool and Watford in the UK and Brest in France).

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2 thoughts on ““The Disasters of War”

  1. What a truly amazing group of work Guy…if we could get to this show we would and don’t expect to bring anything home. All our love Cate and Pete xx


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