“L’abri Sadi Carnot”

These drawings were exhibited at Maison de la Fontaine, Brest, France in September 2016. Their making took place over the two preceeding years. I made them in response to discovering the story of the loss of lives in a civilian shelter that was being used by occupying forces to store munitions (in contravention of the Geneva Convention). On September 9 1945 there was an explosion in which as many as 900 people may have lost their lives. There is a memorial of names of individuals that were known to have been present, however the force and heat was so intense that hundreds were never formally identified. This piece of work consisted of 99 drawings of anonymous faces as an attempt to personalise the horror and loss of the event.
The complete set of drawings “L’abri Sadi Carnot (all the people they could have been)” was donated to the city of Brest and its Museum of Art and copies were printed to exhibit permanently in the tunnel itself.

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