“Eyes Wide Closed”

The main part of my work for the exhibition “DisUnited Kingdom”, showing with British artist 8mail at Tales Of Art Galleria d’Arte, Imola, Bologna, Italy


Full text of Eyes Wide Closed

A man of military metal. mentally melted by his repeat vision
Another BBC ‘another chance to see’ the running soldiers buried
Drowned under baking sands by laughing comrades
military mental bulldozings are Diesel’s psychotic hell vision
Fuelled by Pyridostigmine glue. Sticking hot head in hotter sands
The only card listed in his bleak mid-wintered asylum visitation.
His family’s gone, his military’s gone so only the books will save his mindings.
Oh I’d love for him to find a book of thievery to thieve
to leave for another to find too hot to dust like sands.
So saintly Elise lost the love of her teenaged eye
Spent to the burn in the new twisted heart of those sands
All she clutches now is the fading sun-bleached dream
of a soldier’s wife’s last dance before.
Let’s have your attention the RSM would shout.
We all saw hallowed Elise on the mental train.
I sat opposite on the day following
Following her secret being freed by her lost lover’s lost love
Salt on her cheek and grit in his eye (he said) so so sorrowfully
and here, today, another woman dies inside
just another carved victim of callous national pride
A national pride in a house of lights named after Alighieri’s dark.
Seats down, lights down, heads up, joy and tears.
A time of future endlessness when words were lost and found
A time when light in darkness did away for needs of sounds
A time when week’s end finished with a sojourn and the bank
A time when a lone armed robbing was made to pass a thank
Time she stops and time stopped her and now the town must pay
The military, elementary frozen sea that day.
Frozen time till the deco dream dies
So now the town is forced to watch droog Alex and Billy
ever frozen in lost myth of L’important est de ne jamais désespérer
Khorosho the vision for all mankind’s unkinds wind-bent
unbending we, unkind time… this is our void
and this is the form – in our void. So as the crooner legend ever sings
See their feathers and see their wings. In my first attempted critical crucifixation
If there’s to be fall from grace. Then let this be it freed.


“DisUnited Kingdom”, featuring Guy Denning and 8mail
at Tales Of Art Galleria d’Arte, Imola, Bologna, Italy
opens Saturday 27 January 17:00 and runs until 4 March 2018

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