exequie drawings for the anachronistic

first line:
prologue to a fine collapsing
when the whey falls way to the metal
and the bread devours the corn

oh president and minister,
you really think you rode at the front?
since you followed a more base choice than ‘orders’

who among us?
those ‘above’ us?
their blood is heavier, thicker, bloated
and ours just runs as sand through fine finger

counting the bullets and count the soldiers
as your mechanic’s analytic morality instructs

money is monster is master, and like attracts like
like ‘like’
those, are the rules you hold purchase as rule

divide your fools for the coin
and you’ll be a factor too

just an unknowing, algebraic function – divided, agent of fraction

not man, manufacture, bomb, bombast or bank
hedge for the better, best or worst

your juggernaut is not yours – and it will not slow
coin, coin, coin, is its self and guiding principle

rest with their children,
idealists and fools who holding candles you’ve long snuffed

surrender to the tow of the short river flow
occupy eponymous,
John/Jane Doe anonymous

we charge ‘please rest as a child’
was a charge to balance how much damage you leave

there’s a blacker balance than prophet
and lost opportunity is just that
thicker than the water financial fall

last line:
as it was, as it will be, now and forever (incoming)

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