Catching up on the news

Found this in yesterday’s Observer. The ICA’s Director of Exhibitions “Jens Hoffmann notes: … a lot of people spend more time reading labels than actually looking at the works of art”
I’m not saying anything d’you hear me? Absolutely nothing.
Rachel Cooke, reviewer of the current ICA treat ‘Surprise Surprise’ seems underwhelmed. I’ll be taking her advice then and ignoring the ICA show and instead check out the National’s ‘Rebels and Martyrs’ exhibition. I don’t need to travel 120 miles for prescribed public education in contemporary junk assemblage. If I’m going to learn something I’ll look at some nineteenth century painting techniques thank you very much; that’s actually useful to me. I suspect the punters there that aren’t painters might be enjoying the paintings too. Deluded fools – obviously they have absolutely no idea at all what’s good for them.


“twenty four hours in the life of a madman”


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