Everything at once

Things are moving, in all departments. I’ve finally left the hospital job; Colleen will be finishing this week, we’ve bought the place in France in a lovely hamlet close to a small town called Huelgoat and the Bristol joint is on the market. Once it’s gone then we shall follow…
However, things have taken an unexpected turn art-wise. Every dealer and gallery that has a stock of my work have been watching it fly out their doors over the last couple of weeks. Because I’ve been dreaming of this kind of interest in my work over the last twenty years it now seems very strange and I’ve been trying to figure out where the sudden change occurred.
I was getting more mailing list requests from about the middle of June, then at the start of July Red Propeller gallery took away about two dozen pieces in preparation for an exhibition later this year.
The paintings were led against a wall and then the buying started. Apparently it has also been made clear that Antony Micallef recommended my work to Red Propeller… I have thanked him! I’ll stop analysing it, after all it could all be just a flash in the pan and be done and dusted in a month. I wasn’t expecting it (I’m not ungrateful) so perhaps it’s just best to run with it while the going’s good.
Mind you, I’ve had galleries, dealers and collectors from all over the world currently asking for a total of about 120 paintings by the end of 2008. I reckon they need to look at the web site and see just how many I generally get done in a year. They will either have to be a bit more patient or just go disappointed.


portrait of Antony Micallef


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