Exhibition set – “A month of discontent (January)”

A project to record an image from a political demonstration every day – starting with January 2017. The source materials are the news and social media, in print and via the internet.


“We the people”, conte and pastel on paper, 50 x 28 cm, 2017

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One thought on “Exhibition set – “A month of discontent (January)”

  1. Guy, I love your work and aspire to develop my art like you I have followed your development over the past few years when I first heard of your work. I’m a student in Devon and your a main influence on my current project based on observational drawings of vagrant people in my area. I find your work stunningly raw and the faces hold clear character/emotions, is this your emotions towards the theme your working on or is it to create a atmosphere for the viewer of how these people could be feeling? I hoped you could give me a small insight to your work.


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